Tip: Please refer to Dideyttawl's size chart before purchase. if you are between sizes or do not know which size fits, please provide your girl's height, waist and bust size to us, we can make a fitted dress for your girl.

Size 2 height:3‘1’‘-3’4‘’ weight:33-38 lb chest:22.0 in waist:21.0 in length:30.0 in

Size 4 height:3‘5’‘-3’7‘’ weight:39-44 lb chest:23.5 in waist:22.0 in length:33.5 in

Size 6 height:3‘8’‘-4’0‘’ weight:45-55 lb chest:25 in waist:22.5 in length:37 in

Size 8 height:4‘1’‘-4’4‘’ weight:56-66 lb chest:26.5 in waist:24 in length:41 in

Size 10 height:4‘5’‘-4’7‘’ weight:67-77 lb chest:28 in waist:26 in length:44 in

Size 12 height:4‘8’‘-5’0‘’ weight:78-88 lb chest:30 in waist:27.5 in length:47.5 in

Size 14 height:5‘1’‘-5’3‘' weight:89-99 lb chest:31 in waist:28 in length:51.5 in

Size 15 height:5‘3’‘-5’4‘' weight:100-110 lb chest:32 in waist:30 in length:52 in

Size 16 height:5‘4’‘-5’5‘' weight:111-121 lb chest:33 in waist:31.5 in length:53.5 in