How to wash these special occasion dresses?

How to wash these special occasion dresses?

Dideyttawl chooses the top fabrics on the market, and the wearing experience is absolutely comfortable. But did you know that the cleaning of these dresses needs to be gentle. Find out how to clean these delicate gowns.

How to clean?

Wet cleaning:

1. If wine or champagne is stained on the dress, you should immediately put a towel under the dress, scrub with white vinegar or detergent, and then dry it with absorbent paper to avoid leaving marks.

2. Because the decorations on the dress, such as sequins, beading, can not withstand the erosion of dry cleaning chemicals, the best way is to put the dress in water with a mild, neutral detergent, soak it for a while, and it will wash off the red wine and grease stains. The washing machine and dehydration must not be used, otherwise the decoration will fall off.

Dry cleaning:

Some dresses require dry cleaning, such as silk, acetate, rayon and wool fabrics. Be sure to wash with a filtered solvent. Identify the type and substance of the stain, otherwise there will be residue.

How to dry?

After cleaning, it needs to be aired thoroughly. Never expose it to the hot sun, because the dress will become fragile after exposure, and the beaded embroidery and sequins will easily fall off.

What are the precautions for cleaning the dress?

1.  Do not rub and scrub vigorously, try to remove removable decorations before washing.

2.  Focus on cleaning the parts that are easy to get dirty, and pay attention to whether there are residual cosmetics, lipstick, wine or oil stains.

3. Launder with the wrong side of the gown facing out to protect the trim.

4. Use water or a neutral (weak) cleaner.

How do I store the dress?

The sooner you clean it after it gets dirty, the better, the longer it takes, the harder it will be to clean the stain.

If you want to hand it over to a cleaning shop, please find a professional and reliable dress cleaning shop. They will customize a special cleaning process according to the material, decoration and stains of the dress.

Please store your dress in a cooler, drier environment, such as under the bed or at the top of the closet. Avoid sun exposure. Remove metal ornaments and store them separately, as metal ornaments can chemically change and damage dresses. Fold as little as possible. Finally, pack it in a dust bag and you're done.

Follow the above method to wash, dry, and store your dress, trusting that your dress will be as good as new.

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